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Rise of the Fallen Fighters is a mural created by Andrece Lundy and her team at the Newark Public Library in Newark, Jersey City, New Jersey. The monument is part of a series of murals that will be painted in the coming years Be Willed, a public art project in the city of Newark. Rising of Fallen fighters is a mural created with the help of artist Andrece Lundy and his team.

The group was one of 40 local arts groups to receive a grant from Cityas Creative Catalyst Fund. The mural was created in honour of Yendora's beloved late founder Rodney Gilbert and his family.

We will be running a series of public programs this spring to encourage local artists and citizens to help create future murals in the city and in various boroughs, as well as in the city of Newark. Property owners, developers and artists interested in sponsoring or designing a future mural in various boroughs by spring 2021 can submit inquiries and suggestions to City Councilman Michael J. D'Amato or the Newark Arts Council.

The mural, created by artist Layqa Nuna Yawar, is located at the entrance of the New Jersey Museum of Natural History in Newark. The contents of the mural depict images taken by Davis in New York, images taken from images taken by him in New Jersey, a poem by Jasmine Mans, and a mural composition interpreted as a call for racial justice, equality, and representation for all people of color in the United States. This mural is the result of a leading initiative by the Newark Arts Council, Newark City Council member Michael J. D'Amato and Newark City Councilwoman Shakur Fayemi to create art that meets our demands for racial justice and equality in representation.

Mayor Baraka said, "These murals help to expand the creativity of the artists who make them, inspire the community and give Newark's splendor as a home of art. This is the first of five murals that the GRAMMY Museum of Experience has brought to Newark in collaboration with other city groups. The project began in June with a mural inspired by Black Lives Matter and featuring the Sojourner Truth mural on Edison Place, created in collaboration with Project Empty Space. Black Lives Matter and Collective Power We've seen protests across the US this year.

The installation of a mural on the wall of the New Jersey State Capitol overlapped with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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