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NEW JERSEY - New Jersey has extended its travel warning to 10 more states, removing one as outbreaks of the coronavirus continue across the country. The governor announced travel restrictions in both states on Wednesday, and New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are using uniform parameters and embassies to promote quarantine travel under 14-day travel restrictions. Those who come from one of the 10 states covered by the state's travel advisories for the next 14 days must voluntarily quarantine for up to 13 days if they come to New Hampshire, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Washington, D.C. or New Mexico, according to the governor's office. Texans traveling to or from New York or Connecticut and / or New jerseys will also be quarantined for 14 hours or more if they come in or out of New Jersey from one of these states.

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A complete map of the airport is available on the Newark New Jersey Travel page and on our website. If you live near the airport, you will find it in Newark, NJ, just north of Newark Liberty International Airport (NJJIA).

Although there is ample parking at Newark Airport, there are many different ways to get to Newark International Airport by public transportation, including NJ Transit, PATH and Amtrak, and the New Jersey Transit (NJ TRANSIT) system. Commuters traveling to Newark Airport from the following areas can purchase one - without NJ Transit or PATH or Amtrak tickets. If you are in New York City or flying with NJ TRANIT, you can see JFK Airport and Newark Liberty Airport in New York City.

To find an offer, enter "Newark Liberty International Airport" in the field and use the "Everywhere" search to travel to places where it is cheaper to fly from the EEA.

Take the Air Train from Airport Rail Link Station and take it directly to New York Penn Station in about 17 minutes. Then do not get on the NJ Transit train at Newark Penn Station and get off at the airport. Take an Airtrain to the Arrivals Terminal, where you can catch a flight to Newark Liberty International Airport or Newark New Jersey Airport, or take another AirTrain to an airport train station.

Take the subway to connect anywhere between Brooklyn, Newark and Brooklyn with the Newark Air Train. If you are coming from Manhattan to Newark, you can get off at Brooklyn Penn station and take the subway that will take you from Brooklyn to New York City and then back to Manhattan.

DFW operates five daily flights to Laguardia International Airport in New York and three daily flights from Newark to Dallas / Fort Worth. Commuters leaving Newark Airport can reach New York and New York by Newark Air Train, New Jersey Transit Subway or NJ Transit bus system. Take the subway to Brooklyn Penn station and then take the Brooklyn - Newark train back to Newark.

Commuters are strongly advised to use only taxis that are located at authorized stands in the terminals. JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport are both located in Queens, New York and are served by additional airlines that do not fly directly to the EEA. Travelers should be aware, however, that taxes in New Jersey will be higher than those in the state of New York. Many airlines that do not fly to Newark Airport, such as American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, operate out of Newark. These flights from these hubs are often significantly cheaper than flights to La Guardia or JFK.

The AirTrain Newark monorail provides train service from the Newark Liberty Station, which is served by NJ Transit and Amtrak. Please note: If you need assistance with baggage assistance or other services, please note that both Newark Airtrain and NJ Transit are 100% self-service. Local bus lines include the New Jersey Transit Newark Metro - North Line, Newark Regional Transit and Newark Public Transit.

Broad Street Station, located at the northern end of downtown, is served by the Newark Metro - North Line, Newark Regional Transit and Newark Public Transit. It serves the south and west of the city, as well as Newark Liberty Station on the east side of the city, and serves New Jersey State University and Rutgers - Newark.

Commuters arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport from New York City via Penn Station will be able to use platform 5 for their flight to New York. AirTrain Newark will take you to the station, from where you can get to the city center in ten minutes by car. If you rent a car for your stay, you can pick it up in the parking lot of the New Jersey State University car park in Newark - Liberty.

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